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Currently we are conducting a class.  Due to the upcoming holidays following the completion of this class and the unpredictable weather in January, we will now enter our winter break.  The next class will begin in February.

Next Class Starts 7/2/18

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Canine Body Language

The reason for creating this dog training business is to properly inform dog owners on how to understand their dog and to train them in a way that you will both enjoy.  We found that positive reinforcement engages your dog to more often exhibit the desirable behaviors you crave.

Our focus is primarily on the concepts which help your dog offer the behavior you are looking for.  Understanding the concepts behind the training, will make training your dog enjoyable. 

Using punishment to stop behaviors is not new.

You can stop any behavior, but what is more interesting is teaching your dog to choose the behavior you want them to perform because they trust you, because you do not hurt them and they are safe with you.


Don't miss out on this great opportunity.  By creating a mutual bond between you and your dog, you are also creating mutual respect. We hope you will find our course beneficial and walk away with better knowledge of training concepts. Most importantly, feeling accomplished and with a better understanding of Canine/Human behavior.

Below are examples of what you can learn here at Fulcrum Dog Training.
Coming When Called Leave It
Loose Leash Walking Stay - Two Dogs
Door Etiquette Shaping

While we strive to give you the best training experience possible, we also enjoy the really fun side.
The link below show you the fun our dogs have at Daycare at Camp KCS.
Appropriate Play

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