Meet the Owners

Camp KCS boarding kennel

Chris Warriner

Chris went to school in Philadelphia and pursued many job interests. She then moved to the Poconos where she discovered what she really enjoyed was working with animals.

With no knowledge of veterinary medicine, she started working at Pocono Lake Animal Hospital which taught her many skills.
After working with Dr. Miller for two years she had the opportunity to further advance her emergency medical skills by working for Creature Comforts Veterinary Service where she stayed for six years and then decided to pursue opening her own business and is currently working for a veterinarian as well.

With her extensive knowledge of animal health, as a veterinary technician she can closely watch over your pet while they are in our facility. In Addition, Chris has completed her CDTI (Certified Dog Trainer & Instructor) at Penn Foster and has a vast knowledge of animal behavior. Chris also helps assess your pets comfort while in our facility and supervise the care of your pet. Furthermore, Chris helps make the business end of the kennel run smoothly, including the setup of our information packets, kennel boarding software, the website and the online boarding. 

Camp KCS boarding kennel

Karen Vales

Karen graduated high school in New York City and then pursued a career as a laboratory technician at Advanced Career Training.

She then went to work at Oradell Animal Hospital in New Jersey for 2 years as a laboratory technician. Karen then moved to Pennsylvania where she worked for 8 years as a veterinary technician at Creature Comforts Veterinary Service. Karen has two children and a tremendous love for animals and always has their best interests in mind. After 8 years at Creature Comforts Karen decided to open up a business catering to animals.

Karen is a great asset to the kennel, with her knowledge of animals and their behavior, she can easily read them and know what they want. With her veterinary background she is able to assess your pets comfort and quickly acts on making them as comfortable as she can.


1647 Long Pond Road
Long Pond PA 18334


Phone: (570) 646-6012